poor guy, rich guy

a guy approached me yesterday asking for 3SGD because, accdg to him, he left his wallet.

1st guy he approached was playing with his iPad. The guy said no.

2nd guy he aporoached was playing with his iPhone. The guy said no.

The last guy he approached was me.  Big guy, neatly dressed.  He might be toying me with but I didnt hesitae to give though. I took 4SGD for my wallet and gave it to him.  He said thanks.

btw, this happened at Paya Lebar while I was waiting for the bus.


goodbye Mini, hello…

goodbye ..

i have to say goodbye to my mini pro. not that it’s broken or something but sometimes you gotta let go of the good stuff.


..iphone? the thought of having one is great but i really don’t see myself having one.

..android? definitely. so, imagine the possibilities. 😉

…and so it begins

..one month journey to a different country to explore possible job opportunity

arrived at around 1am in Singapore.  They should have officers that are friendly and not wo instill panic whenever one arrives at the I/O officer.

day 2, nothing happened much.  applied online and did a little grocery shopping in the afternoon.

day 3, fought with the princess.  who’s fault is it? i’m not sure. we were supposed to my my friend somewhere in Orchard but i guess decided not to proceed with the plan because the princess and i got into an argument.  she doesn’t want me walking and tiring myself but hey, we’re in SG.  who doesn’t walk right?

in the first place, if she didn’t want to meet with them, she could have said so in the first place.  all i ever wanted was to see them, that’s it.  she has lots of friend and i only have a few which is why regardless if i do those little things to reach out to them and sometimes end up as me being ignored, it doesn’t matter.  atleast i tried.  even if they’re like that they’re still one of those that i really consider as my friends that i treasure.  sucks to be me coz the princess doesn’t see things that way i see them.  even if i try to explain, she wouldn’t understand.  she may say she do understand, but in reality, she doesn’t.

nobody really does understand except me.

life’s really a bitch.

and so i prayed which i don’t normally do.  i cried and i prayed that everything will turn out ok.

Asus EeePC 1215T review

After a year and a half of using my Asus K40IN, I decided to sell and and purchased an Asus EeePC 1215T.  From Intel’s Core 2 Duo to AMD’s V105 (single core), it takes a while go used to the performance downgrade.

Here’s the specs of the Asus EeePC 1215T:

Processor: AMD V105 1.2Ghz

Memory: 2GB DDR3

Videocard: 256MB Hypermemory

Display: 12.1″ LED Backlight WXGA (1366×768)

Harddrive: 320GB

Others: HDMI & VGA port, 3 USB port 2.0, Hi-Def audio, card reader, 0.3 webcam

Connection: LAN port, WiFi b/g/n, bluetooth 3.0

1. Phyiscal aspect
– i find the chiclet style keyboard very nice. it is evenly spaced
– matte-finish is great.  glossy finish = smudge/fingerprint magnet
– great shortcut button on the upper left side (no need to press the FN key for the wireless/bt switch and profile setting)
– i don’t see the point of having a sliding cover for the webcam unless you don’t want to get caught doing something private. *lol*
– the button for the trackpad is abit hard to press (maybe because its brand new?)
– the display is great though i find it hard to look for dead pixels which is one of my main concerns when buying a laptop/netbook
– i would have loved if the HDMI/VGA port is located on the right side

2. Specs/Performace
– i don’t see the reason why they had to downgrade this to 1.2Ghz. they say that this is the latest and luma na daw yung 1.7Ghz version nila. but both are single-core naman so nde kaya parang lugi ka with the 1.2Ghz version?
– shared or dedicated videocard? the salesperson mentioned that it has a 256MB dedicated videocard but when i check the system settings, out of the 2GB memory that the netbook has, only 1.75 is usable. what gives? is there an on/off switch so that i can use the whole 2GB memory instead of the 1.75Gb?
– performance of the laptop is ok but i’m a bit bothered because they said that “enjoy full hd 1080p movie playback”. using the hdmi cable as an extended display is great. display output is crisp and medyo masyadong makulay. if the color can be adjusted, that’d be great.
– as a follow up on what i’ve mentioned on the movie playback, playing AVI/Divx/Xvid video doesn’t seem to lag but when you play MKV files that are 720p and 1080p, it lags. audio/video is out of sync. video tends to freeze at some point. maybe there’s a seting that i can change? or maybe i’ve installed the wrong codec? i’ve installed Klite and VLC. drastic lag with VLC for MKV files. With Klite’s Media Classic player, a little improvement with the MKVs but still lags. which codec should i use so as to avoid the lag when playing MKVs? or is this what is really expected on this netbook

3. Software Installation

– no Windows OS installed but was amazed with the Asus Cloud OS installed. a temporary OS is ok to test/check out the unit but don’t expect much the Cloud OS.
– no ODD (optical disc drive) so the only way to install drivers is by copying the contents of the disc and transfer it to your flashdrive or external harddrive
– Windows7 once installed doesn’t install drivers for the lan/wireless card so the method above works unless you have your own external ODD

– installing Ubuntu is quite easy on this netbook.  the only problem that I have is that if you install the driver from AMD’s website or install the proprietary driver, it causes lag on the netbook.  Regardless if you use v10.04LTS, v10.10 Netbook Remix or v11.04, the problem with the graphics driver is the same.  lag, lag, lag.


Playing videos:
– Core AVC codec doesn’t help reduces the lag when playing videos
– KLite fixes the lag issue but you have to select the ‘Enable H.264 Decoding…”
– the best player for this netbook is Media Player Classic (MPCP). Using VLC and WIndows Media Player causes lag on some of the video, usually MKVs with 720p or 1080p resolution but MPC solves that issue.

– when playing video and you’ve extended the display to a monitor, the video lags big time. you have to stop and the video and play it again which resolves the issue with the lag.

Battery Life
– lasts for 3-4 hours max


btw, if you’re wondering about the heat, exhaust is located on the right side.  you can barely notice the heat on the palm rest area but since, it’s summer you can imagine the heat from the surrounding and thenetbook itself, you can fell the warmth it causes heat but it’s tolerable and can be ignored. 🙂


*sigh* some people are so inconsiderate.  they know that i’m sleeping and they’ll still wake me up for a friggin’ call on a survey that i made last night.


sleep goes away and i now have to suffer the heat. tsk.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi (GT-P1010)

less than a month, i purchased a Tablet.  It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi (GT-P1010) which is the little brother of the GT-P1000.  No call/text feature on this unit.

the original plan was to buy a laptop but thinking that this Tablet can sync with a BT keyboard, i said, why not.  Being the spontaneous buyer that I am (which is what i hate most about myself), I and Maj agreed to get one.

1st week, i said, cool and since it’s an android phone, i said to myself, “great, i can tinker with this unit” but the happy face turned into frown since i can’t do anything on the unit.  most of the people as using the GT-P1000 which has all the features including the BT keyboard/mouse functionality.

the next few weeks, i got bored with it.  i really do want to see the unit’s full potential but no, there’s no hope for that, for now.  the unit is still new though.  i’ve visited several messageboard and only a handful has this unit.  no chance of tinkering with this one.

so now, i’m not happy with it.  limited games, limited apps. grr.

my choice now, the full GT-P1000 or probably an iPad, both of which has the capability to use a BT keyboard (and perhaps a mouse?).

wait .. why the GT-P1000? you can tinker with it, install custom roms which i love do to on my mini pro.  that’s a big advantage for me. 🙂 not to mention, having a front/back camera.

why the iPad? simply because of the availability of apps, ie. games, reader.

or maybe end up buying a netbook instead?

*sigh* *sigh* sometimes i really have to think twice before buying stuffs.

to give .. be happy

my gf’s brother was jokingly asking if he can have her iPod Touch.  of course she said no but i said that he can have mine instead.  i never hesitated nor had second thoughs.

i was once happy with it and it’s time to share with somebody else.

i never saw his face when i said yes, but i think i got an idea when my gf said “you should have seen the look on his face” (in a positive way, that is).